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Is it possible to add images each variation ?


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    • By andres
      The functionality of Variants allows you to condense the list of Items, simplifying their creation and management. This is a convenient tool to use if some products come in multiple versions, like different sizes or colors.
    • By TheCoffeeStation
      I own a little coffee trailer and have done most of the back-end work however I am struggling with a few composite items/variants and wondered if anyone can assist me? 
      I have an item, coffee, with different variants ( with milk, Black coffee, etc..... ) can I create a composite item from each variant?
    • By Curtin
      Is there a way to delete variants?  I have accidentally created an extra variant I don't want but can't see how to delete it. 🙂
    • By Suzan
      Hi everyone,
      Is it possible to reorder variants? They are listed in the order I created them for the first time. But now analyzing the sales I would like to put first in the list the variant which has been more popular (which has more sales) and so on with the other variants.
      Is there any way to reorder them, without having to delete the item and create it again?

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