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Composite Items/Variant Items

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Ive recently signed up to the advanced inventory but finding a major flaw that I cant seem to get around. As we run a cafe/Bar there are many items that are composite items that also require variants. For example:

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Sandwich (set up Sausage and egg as composite) but if customer wishes to add mushrooms/tomatoes ect i cant find a way to add a variant which also tracks the stock.

Another example:

Vodka which we will in either a single or double - Set up Vodka as an item and the add variant of size - single and double. But this will not track stock as it is classed as two separate items.

Should there not be an option available to add composite items as well as variant items which can then also include composite items?

Im unsure how other business get around this? As most of out items bar and cafe items have some sort of variant.

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Yes, at the moment with Loyverse it is not possible with composite items the variants option, you can only add modifiers to composite items

Fro the Vodka, have you considered composite items for them? one shot is ingredient of another item (Vodka) like that the stock of the Vodka will be decreased when making a sale 



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