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Welcome to Loyverse.town, a community for users of Loyverse products, where we share our experiences, wisdom and help each other by learning from both our achievements and mistakes ;)

Below are described a series of simple rules which are essential to keep our community a good place to be in. If you want to use any part of Loyverse.town, you solemnly promise to abide by these rules at all times without exception.

The community is solely for users of Loyverse products. If you wish to participate by posting new questions or adding a comment you are required to log in by using an active Loyverse.com account.

You retain the copyright for everything you post here and:
• recognize that all your posts will be publicly available;
• warrant that you have a right to post that material and you don’t infringe any copyright;
• give Loyverse.town a free (meaning you won’t be compensated in any way), worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, modify, publish, distribute, create derivative works, etc...In other words, you agree and allow Loyverse.town to do anything with the content you post.

You are allowed to repost the content published on Loyverse.town in other platforms or websites as long as you include a clearly readable and followable link to the original post.

You are not allowed to and will not:
• use Loyverse.town if you are under 13 years old (or 14 years old if you live in South Korea or Spain);
• use Loyverse.town in a way that is prohibited by any applicable local laws and regulations; post any misleading, offensive, hateful, pornographic or illegal content.

Loyverse.town cannot be held liable in case any of your or other users’ actions violate any law or harm you or someone else.

To keep the community forum healthy and thriving, Loyverse.town reserves the right to modify or delete your posts or remove your account at any time without explanation. For example, for repetitive advertising of your product or services, your posts can be deleted, and your account can be blocked.

So all in all, you promise to use Loyverse.town in good faith and for good purposes. On our side, we will strive to keep improving Loyverse.town, which means the site itself and these rules will change time to time, probably without notice.

We hope you enjoy Loyverse.town and will be happy to hear your feedback!

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I agree with the above vision of Loyverse.town and believe that it would grow into much bigger and broader then being a community of Loyverse users. There are much more that we can do at Loyverse.town and through it. Will be sharing about this step by step, and will contribute as well.

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