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Synchronize Back Office with app


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Excuse me if my questions are stupid, sorry my Englisch is very bad.

I think I understand that I can make all my items/products in the Back Office (Laptop) and then synchronize to my app to my Android smartphone?

But how did I do that?

Nice regards Assa

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If you want to use a new device with Loyverse POS app in addition to other devices you are already using, you need to first configure this new device in your Back-office.

You have to go to Back-office->Settings->POS device->Add POS


After you have created a new POS, you can sign in the new device.

In this link you can find a full tutorial on how to add a new POS and how to activate it: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-activate-and-delete-pos


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