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I had a query on the discount of the products

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Hi there

i had a query on the discount of the products.

say i had 4 products  of $40 each. and there is a Buy 4 Free one promotion.

i wanted to show in receipt

product A $40

product B $40

product C $40

Product D $40

Product A FREE

Total $160


how do i do this scenario in LOYVERSE software? thanks and happy new year in advance!

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It is not possible to have the exact scenario as you have described above in Loyverse POS.

Firstly, if you add the same item twice in a ticket (as you have done with Product A in your example) the item name will appear only one time in the receipt with the total quantity it has been added.

I can suggest you to do this: (following the example you have given)

1-If you want to give a Product A for free after your customer has bought a product A, a Product B, a Product C and a Product D you can do the following:

-Add the Product A with quantity 2 to the ticket and apply a 50% discount to it and add a comment to this item "1 free"

-Enter the other product to the ticket B,C,D

-Charge the ticket.

You will have this result.




2-If you want to give for free an item different from Products A,B,C,D add these items to the ticket, add the other item Product E which you want to give for free, apply a 100% discount to it and add the comment "Free". Then, charge the ticket.

The receipt will look like this:




Hope this helps. If you have already found any better workaround please share it with us.

You can read a tutorial here on how to create discounts: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-and-configure-discounts and here how to apply them during sales: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-apply-discounts-during-sale


Best regards 🙂

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