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Customized Items & Call-In Orders

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This is a question that has 2 separate questions inside. If i need to make them 2 separate topics, let me know 🙂

First, I'm wondering if its possible to 'customize' an item that is ordered. I know that once an item is added to the ticket, you can add comments, but that can be a bit time consuming, and prone to errors. I'm looking for a way to have an item (say, a cheeseburger for this instance), and if someone doesn't want ketchup, you can tap for 'no ketchup', or 'extra ketchup', or even 'light ketchup'. The closest thing i can find to this is setting up modifiers for each menu item, unique to those items, but thats a lot of setup for each 'option' on a menu item. It would be nice to have 'ingredients' on items, and then the ability to say "No", "Light", or "Extra" to each one.


Secondly, i'm looking at a way to send orders to the back screen for orders such as call in orders. I was hoping that "delivery" would do this, but that does not appear to send the order to the KDS until its marked as paid. Is there ANY way to send orders to the back screen, even if its marked as "unpaid" (different color), so that call ahead orders are able to be filled as they're rung in (or at least saved)

Note: i'm using the free version right now, and may be looking into addons in the future if the needs present themselves.

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Hello empirebattles,

About your first question: Unfortunately the option to have 'ingredients' on items, and then the ability to say "No", "Light", or "Extra" to each one is currently unavailable. As you have mentioned the only options you can use are Modifiers or comments on item. 

You can add your request to the Future request section: https://loyverse.town/forum/29-feature-requests/ , maybe it can be added in the future.

About the second question, it is not a "must" to charge (mark as paid) a ticket in order to send it to the Kitchen Display system.

If you use Open tickets, as soon as you Save the order of a customer as Open ticket it will appear in the Kitchen Display system. You can charge this open ticket whenever the customer would like to pay. You can read a tutorial on how to use Open tickets here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/open-tickets

You can also check out this help article on how does the Kitchen Display system works: https://help.loyverse.com/help/kitchen-display-system


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