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How to use discount with restricted access?


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I do not want my employees to give discounts without the manager or my approval. I have made some test to restrict my employees to apply discount, but seems like they still can.

Can someone explain how to properly use discount with restricted access, please?

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You can restrict your employees to apply discount with restricted access if you use Employee Management.

First, you have to create the discount/discounts with restricted access or, if you have already created your discounts and want them to have restricted access, make sure you have activated the option: Restricted access in the Discount's card.


Then, you need to manage the access rights of your employee so they can not apply this discount with restricted access during sale.

To do so, you have to go to your Back-office->Employees’ section->Access rights. Open the group of employees whose access rights you want to edit. Deselect the access right: Apply Discounts with restricted access. Don’t forget to Save the Changes.


Now, if your employee, who does not have the access right to apply a discount with restricted access, will try to apply such discount during sale, they will see in their screen a PIN pad, and a message to enter the PIN of manager or administrator.


If the owner or an employee that has the access right to apply discount with restricted access (like a manager) does not enter his/her PIN the discount can’t be applied to the ticket.

I hope this help 🙂


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