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Payment declined

London cofee

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Hello dear Loyverse Team
I like Loyverse POS very much! Thank you for your hard work!

Unfortunately, I want to report an issue which I face today:
My last payment for the Advanced inventory was failed.
I used the same credit card as before. Previous months everything was fine. But this time I cannot pay for some unknown reason.


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The bank card decline indicates that the card-issuing bank could not process the transaction. Please contact your bank. The most common reasons for a card to be declined could be that the transaction exceeded the credit limit, declined based on the location, the bank's fraud rules blocked the transaction and so on. Please check with your bank for more details.

When contacting the bank, I would recommend you to reach the second-tier customer service of your bank. The first-tier customer service may not have the access and system visibility required to locate any factors behind the decline. I recommend you to prepare some detailed information related to the transaction upon calling the bank (e.g. the amount of the transaction, the website the transaction was made at and the time of the transaction).

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