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Loyverse Dashboard and the option of selecting time of day in reports


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Dear Sir/Madam

plz upgrade your app Loyverse Dashboard and add this option check custom working hours report Via Your App Loyverse Dashboard for Android Version

Sir this is my Extremely Request

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As we know, through the website we can view our sale report calculations day to day and time to time but on the Loyverse Dashboard we can see only  day to day sales, time to time is  not showing there.My restaurant start at 5PM and closes at 2AM if I only have to view the sale report from 5PM till 2AM but the dashboard does not have the option to check my sale report time to time on the Android operating system.

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The option to select time of day in reports was added at the Loyverse Dashboard app on iOS since the Version 1.10

The same feature will be added to the Android verision of the app later. 

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