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Amount type Discount


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Hi all,

I am new to Loyverse. Currently I have a Nail Salon and Loyverse helps a lot.

I have a question here. I have no problem creating discount using %. It works fine. But it doesn't work when I create discount amount.

The discount tag is there when I check in Menu - Items - Discount. Means I created successfully.

The problem is, when I create a Sales Ticket, it does not appear. Only discount with %.

Kindly help and thank you in advance.


2019-11-17 10.19.56.png

2019-11-17 10.20.19.png

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Hello dear

To apply a discount to the ticket, please click on the "All items" button on the top left of the sale screen.


In the drop-down menu, click on the "Discounts". There you will be able to choose the discounts you need.




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I'm facing another problem that Amount type discount doesn't show up on each items. I can see only Percentage discount on it. 

So, if I put amount type discount on a ticket, it effects all items, not only specific items.


Beverages discount 40THB each

Foods NO discount

I can't do this in a same ticket.

The only thing I can do to solve this issue is make many Amount type of Discount and put them how many I need for  the specific items. That can be made mistakes, I know.

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Hi Mohu,

I am trying to answer based on my experience to the system.

As far as I know, the discount system is not attach to a specific product item/group. You can either choose discount by %age or discount by value. Both in batch (if you are going to put all in the same ticket).


In my case, l use this approach. The discount above only valid for the 1st item. No discount for the 2nd. I need to explain verbally if the customer ask for it.


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Yeah, seems like so far it works like this:

Percentage Discounts can be applied to:
- whole ticket
- individual items

Amount Discounts can be applied to:
- whole ticket

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