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Composite Item (Cannot find item on composite Item Select)


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Why certain item does not display on composite item when i +ADD ITEM.


I create Item A, Item B, Item C as (Raw Material)

Item E (for Production) = Contain Composite of Item A+B

Item D (for sale) = Contain Composite of Item E + Item C


My issue is, Item E does not appear on composite item when i want to select it while creating Item D..

What happen? Thank You



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Hi Awadz!

In Loyverse system only three levels of included items. 

For example:

1 level is Item A

2 level is a Composite item B with a component item A

3 level is a Composite item C with a component composite item B 

The next level is not possible to create at the moment. 

I hope this explanation is clear for you. If you didn't pass this level than Item E must show up in creating of item D. Try to search by SKU. 

For me is not clear in your question if you create a Composite item  E (production) with a components A + B, or you create composite item (A+B) and add this new composite item in production of E. 

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