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Items (ingredients) for Composite Item doesnt show



Hi folks

I too am having a similar issue (as earlier reported by others). Please help. 

All the ingredients/ITEMS are not showing up when I try to make a dish/COMPOSITE-ITEM. What am I doing wrong? I think I have covered all basics, watched the tutorials, etc 😞



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The components of a composite item will not be shown in the kitchen order, only the name of the composite item will be printed (Special Family Dinner)

My suggestion is to create a Category: "Special Family Dinner" and assign all these composite items you want to be printed under this category.

Then, you have to assign this category to the printer group to which the kitchen printer is assigned to.

You can read how to configure kitchen printers here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/using-kitchen-printers

Note that, when you take the order, you will have to manually choose all the items that are part of “Special Family Dinner” category to add to the ticket.

Another option would be to add the name of the components of the item: "Special Family Dinner" as comment to this item manually during the sale when you add it to the ticket. Comments you add to an item will be shown in the Kitchen order. 



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Hello, Marks

Do you mean you can't see some items in this list?
If so, please start to enter the item's name which you are looking for in the search field.


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Hi Mark,

did you try typing the items name when looking for a component?

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Hi. I have a menu item name "Special Family Dinner" which includes multiple composite items. The kitchen printer only prints out the line "Special Family Dinner" but does not list all the included composite item. Is there a way to do this?



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