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Can I reorder variants?


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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to reorder variants? They are listed in the order I created them for the first time. But now analyzing the sales I would like to put first in the list the variant which has been more popular (which has more sales) and so on with the other variants.

Is there any way to reorder them, without having to delete the item and create it again?

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Yes, you can reorder your variants. I have done it and I can share with you my experience.

You should go to the Item list and open the card of the item with the variants which you would like to reorder. 

a- Click on the name of the variant which you want to put first in the list.  Let suppose you click on Red. You will see this on your screen.



b- Edit the name of the variant by putting the number 1 before its name (1. Red) and Save the changes.


c- Do the same with all other variants, putting before their name the number according to the order you want them to be listed.


 d- Finally, SAVE the changes for the item. 


 Your variants have been reordered!

I hope this helps 🙂 

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Hi I have on all my articles options (variants). But In the beginning of the article the input was on the wrong order.
How I change the Order of the Options that the view is in the right way by all articles / items the same.

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