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Can I reorder variants?

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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to reorder variants? They are listed in the order I created them for the first time. But now analyzing the sales I would like to put first in the list the variant which has been more popular (which has more sales) and so on with the other variants.

Is there any way to reorder them, without having to delete the item and create it again?

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Yes, you can reorder your variants. I have done it and I can share with you my experience.

You should go to the Item list and open the card of the item with the variants which you would like to reorder. 

a- Click on the name of the variant which you want to put first in the list.  Let suppose you click on Red. You will see this on your screen.



b- Edit the name of the variant by putting the number 1 before its name (1. Red) and Save the changes.


c- Do the same with all other variants, putting before their name the number according to the order you want them to be listed.


 d- Finally, SAVE the changes for the item. 


 Your variants have been reordered!

I hope this helps 🙂 

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Hi I have on all my articles options (variants). But In the beginning of the article the input was on the wrong order.
How I change the Order of the Options that the view is in the right way by all articles / items the same.

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This is a "hack" and not a proper solution for re-ordering a variant. The last thing I want is my variants to look like crap in a numbered list. This is not 1965 COBOL. /rantover

I would like to suggest that we simply request an option to maintain a desired order for variants. This would be the professional way for an application to behave. In my situation it is House Red Wine and the variants are bottle and glass ... the servers make a lots of mistakes because the default is bottle instead of glass. 😉

I am going with this numbering approach ... but it is a ghetto solution for sure.

EDIT: I just learned that the order does not determine the default selection. It appears to be the lowest SKU number in the list. This is even more strange. I am going to re-number the list and leave the actual order of the selections where they land. This is preferable anyway. I hated having the numbers in front of them.

EDIT 2: Nope, that's not it either. I am at a loss. The only thing I can think of is ...

the items have a hidden key that is based on when it was created. If this is true, I will have to delete and re-create the variant list; making sure the glass of wine is created first. More news to come. 

EDIT 3: This seems to have done the trick. Deleted the entire record and created everything again; making sure to create a glass variant and save it before adding additional variants. When I open the record, the Glass is first and selected as the default. Interesting note ... when I deleted the record before, I deleted the previous default hoping a new default would be selected. It was not. This seems to indicate that a default  variant field exists someplace, but does not get updated when the default variant is deleted.

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This is a hack too

At first, number the variants like 1. 2. 3. ...... and save

then remove the numbers, from first to last in order, and save

this will do the trick

but whenever you add a new variant, you have to repeat whole process

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