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Refund and items stock



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    • By CWL
      My cashier cannot refund tickets. Sometimes he need to void a receipt.
    • By Sam2019
      Is there anyway I can make a refund in the back office? it seems like there is not button for it there 
    • By Suzan
      my cashier does not have the right to do refunds, so each time a customer comes to the store do a refund,  one of the administrators, who have the right to do refunds,  enters his PIN so the refund can be done!
      But I see that in back-office the refund is registered under the name of the cashier, which for me is very confusing since the cashier himself has not the right to do it.
      I need the refund to be registered under the name of the administrator who authorized it, so later I can check on them!
      How to do this? 
    • By JTHK
      During a refund, the discount (by amount) is automatically calculated by proportion.  How can it be deleted or adjusted?  Thanks.
    • By Ronnie Conyers
      What areas are affected by issuing a refund?

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