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How to cancel the loyalty program?

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Hello everyone, 

I set up a loyalty program a few months ago but I don't want to use it anymore. I can not find the option to cancel it. Can please someone help me?

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Hi Suzan,

To cancel the loyalty program you have to go to your Back-office-> Settings-> Loyalty-> and put 0 in the percentage field for the Loyalty program and SAVE  the changes!


After you have done this your customers will not earn more points from the sales, but the points they have already earned when the Loyalty program was active will still be there.

If you want to delete also the existing  balance points of you customer, so these points will not appear in the customer receipts, I suggest you to export your customer list, edit the column "Points balance" (put 0 for each of your customers), and then import back your customer list. After you do this in the receipt of a registered customer will not appear neither: Points earned nor Points balance!

In this link you can find a tutorial how to export/import customers: https://help.loyverse.com/help/importing-and-exporting-customers

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Hai Loyverse
Can I hide the point balance in receipt, because we only want to get the data customer, but we don't want to offer any loyalty program, so if customer get the receipt that have mention about point balance, customer will confusing.

But we still want to use loyalty program for the future,, so right know we only want to keep the data for finance plan,,

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Hello "Herbaworks"

You can disable the loyalty system if you set 0.00 for the "loyalty percentage" in the back office settings:


Then, the loyalty points will not be displayed for new customers. But for old customers the loyalty points balance still will be printed on the receipts.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide the loyalty points balance for old customers.


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