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Can a discount have two different values?

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Hello, I have two stores. I want to configure a discount  that has different values in each store.

I saw that for the items you can put a different price for each store, can I do this for discounts too, put a different value for each store for the same discount?

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For discounts it is not the same as items. you can not put different values for the discount in different stores in the discount card. 

But you can create  a discount with the same name, but that has different values in different stores.Actually  you have to create two discounts with the same name but different value and mark each one of them available for the store where you want to use it. 

So you have to:

1- Create a discount, with the name you want, enter the value you want this discount to have in store 1, and mark it available only for Store 1, Save it!


2- Create another discount, with the same name, another value , and mark it available for store 2, press Save!


In the POS devices of store 1 you will see only  the discount with the value that you marked available for store 1, and the same for POS devices of store 2.


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