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How to enable discount for specific time?


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We use Loyverse on two different tills at our Restaurant/Bar. We'd love to have automatic Happy Hour timed discounts. Right now our staff have to remember to flip over between our predetermined Happy Hour times and then our management team have to put in duplicate entries for every item that appears on Happy Hour. We don't have a consistent 20% off or something across every product. The discounts vary.

Would be great to have a switch in settings like "Support Happy Hour Discounts?" and then a field to select start and end time. Then in the individual item page, have a Happy Hour price field that can be entered at item creation.

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We also need same function. Our old POS system used to have shift settings where you can define shift times . Then in the price field section we can specify price for different shift timings.


This a very important feature if anyone wants to use Loyverse in any Restuarant settings with happy our pricing.

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