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What are the types of customers of a coffee shop?

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We can say there is three different kind of customers that frequent a coffee shop that can be distinguished by the type of product they are looking to consume:

The coffee addicted. This sort of consumer can't live without his or her espresso every morning.

The social. In this group we include the consumer who likes coffee and love to socialize with other people, they long to have a nice chat with a friend and, in general, spend time with others. They are not mainly looking to consume a coffee; coffee is just the excuse to meet someone else.

And the third type of consumers are the coffee fans, the real coffee lover. He or she is mainly coming for the taste of your coffee and nothing else. For them, coffee itself is an experience.

While regular consumers will order a cafe latte, cappuccino, etc. The coffee fan is looking for specialty coffee, prepared in a specific way. They represent the smaller percentage of consumers, let's say they are the 10 % of your audience. But they are the ones who will talk good about you and if they are happy they won't hesitate in promoting you to all their coffee lover network!

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