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What is the oldest cafe in the world?


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It is generally believed that the oldest cafe in the world is the Café Procope. It was opened in 1686 in Paris by Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli (1651-1727). He was a Sicilian chef and known as a French entrepreneur and pioneer in the ice cream retail.

At the time in Europe, coffee was considered an exotic beverage. The cafe was known as a pleasant place, and throughout the 18th century, it was a meeting place of the modern intellectual establishment.

Café Procope - the oldest cafe in the world

Café Procope in nowadays

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According to the most plausible version, the world's first coffee shop called "Maktab al-Irfan" ("Circle of thinkers") in 1554 opened in Istanbul, two Syrian merchants.

In America, the first coffee house was opened in 1670 in Boston by William Penn.

In Europe (Austria) - coffee house Kulchitsky (Ko (a) Levitsky) in Vienna, founded after the Viennese victory in 1683.

The first coffee house in the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was founded in Warsaw in the vicinity of the Saxon garden in 1724, during the reign of Augustus the Strong.

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