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Cannot use Loyalty Feature effectively for Hand Car Wash Business

Ridgefield Hand Car Wash
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Hi All,

First of all I'll start with saying Loyverse has definitely been an asset to our business. Great cloud based POS. However there's one thing we are struggling with which is leveraging the Loyalty feature. The problem we are faced is that the feature is based on amount spent and that's not really how a typical Car Wash Loyalty program works. Meaning it's not based on amount spent but rather the amount of washes of a vehicle.

Here's the detail.

We cannot go by visits which Loyverse tracks because there's not way to clear out the customers record automatically after a specified number of visits (for example 10). The only way is to delete the customer then reimport which is manual and clears overall record moving away from automation and retaining other historical attributes. Since the Loyverse only does if based on % of amount spent we have been awarding customers a free car washes when they reach a certain amount of credit. This is a problem since customers are accumulating credits based on other purchases outsdie of carwahes. Our loyalty program is stirctly based on car wahes and not other servicews or items. As as example if a customer gets a $150 dollar detail the car wash is obviously already included in the price but they also earn a free car wash the next time the come because the Loyalty feature awards the a percentage of the $150 they spent.  10% of $150 spent will grant them $15 credit which is a free wash on 1 visit.

10% credit for each car wash is our standard which  calculates to 10 visits however if they are paying from a car wash only. However as mentioned if they purchase anything else they can essentially earn car free car washes for way less then 10 visits. We are giving away free washes left and right. In the past we would go throuch each receipt and delete excessive points earned but as you can imagine it's very tedios and time consuming goint through each record, exporting customers editing then reimportin them every single day.

A while ago I suggested an enhancement request to support basically asking if possible to creat addtional options for the Loyalty based on the number of specific item purchase. I'm sure there are more efficient ways but just wanted to toss in my thought. 

Any advise from anyone would be great thank you. Sorry for the long explanation.

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What Loyverse should do is for each item in the back office have a toggle setting where you can turn on and off the loyalty feature for certain items that way if you only want to award loyalty points for “Item A” the loyalty points will only apply to Item A and not Items A, B, and C. Same for the discounts. In the back office there should be an option to turn off discounts for a certain item this way if the entire ticket gets a 50% discount, the item that isn’t suppose to receive a discount won’t be marked apart of that 50% discount.

4 items on the ticket all 1.00 each so the total is 4.00

1 of the items is not eligible for any type of discount.

If I apply a 50% discount to the ticket the POS should only discount 3 out of 4 items on that ticket for 50% off

3.00 x 0.50 = 1.50 + 1.00 = 2.50

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