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How to get z/x report by end of the day?



How to get z/x report by the end of the day?

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Loyverse has functionality to print sales summary report at the POS when shifts is anabled. 

You can print a shift report if you have receipt printer added in the POS app and with settings to print receipts and bills.

The report of the current shift contains data of the cash drawer and the current sales summary, and corresponds to X-report.

The closed shift report contains data of the cash drawer and the sales summary at the closing of the shift, including the actual amount of cash and the difference in comparison with the expected amount, that is equal to Z-report.


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      It's possible to integrate a Z-Report?
      For the German market ist this very important.
      The daily Z report is the daily final report at your cash register. With this you guarantee the completeness of your till documents to the tax office. The Z report contains the means of payment, discounts, quantities of items sold, sales, sales per tax rate, sales per operator, cancellations and other details. A Z report cannot be changed after it has been created. The Z reports are numbered consecutively and consecutively (GDPdU regulation).
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      Plz add journal entry ledger for we can do cash credit and debt  also plz add the feature for we can see cash on hand and how much amount is showing the whole total after closing the shift
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      I've just closed my first non-test shift in the app.  I've discovered some things that need to be corrected in the data.  Is it possible to re-open the shift to edit the data, or to somehow make an adjustment?
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