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Can I hide the SKU from front-end once out of stock?

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    • By DS
      is it possible to sell an article by using the sku number?
    • Guest lord
      By Guest lord
      Having SKU numbers on items is fantastic!
    • By RPWunterweex
      All my items are unique, that means for me that I can use the unique barcode as well to fill the SKU. Is that possible? Why would I prefer this procedure? For nearly automatical handling I do not want to download the whole itemlist, only to change some single items or add some single items. As far as I understand the process it seems to be easier to export only the modified items from my ERP (mostly price, sometimes weight) to a CSV/spreadsheet for the upload. I suppose the rest of the items remains in the item-list. Is this right?
    • By Jasmine
      What does SKU mean?
    • By Kabin
      Is there any possibility to add SKU in purchase order so that the supplier will know specific products that we are looking for?

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