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Is it possible to see a graph of what days are busiest?

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If you look at the sales summary for only 1 day, it shows the results in hours.

For 2 days - 1 month, it shows days or weeks.

For 2 months or more, it shows days, weeks, or months.

And it follows suit as you get a full quarter or year.

So, as I understand it, if you want to know the busiest hours for more than 1 day, you would need to input each day as opposed to a range of days.

However, to see the busiest days, all days show up in the graph no matter the range of dates. (Well, I tested up to a range of 1 1/2 years and the days still showed up on the graph; I don't know if at a certain date range the days are greyed out in the drop down menu.)



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You can try to export reports by receipts. Then, open CSV file in the Google Shits.
There is Date column, which contains date of the receipt, and time that it is issued.
You can create Hours column near as a function =HOUR(Date) from near column Date.


After you form Hous information, you can apllay sorting to this column,


you will get the receipts, with hours, that they ware made.


In the same way you can sort by date and see what is the busiest days.

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I use the Loyverse Dashboard app to see that. Don't if it's the most detailed way to view such information but it's definitely convenient as it's on my phone and I can check it anytime from anywhere without having to log into Back Office every time.

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