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What does hospitality mean to you?


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For me, hospitality means to care about visitors like about my best friends.

People like to go visit somebody at one point or another. If people visit your place, it means that they are your guests. Whether it’s the first time or the twentieth time, they'll always be your ‘guests’. They can also stop visiting your place anytime if there was no hospitality.

People choose which place they want to visit based on where they feel most comfortable and cozy. Everybody has their own idea of сomfort and coziness, but most people like a homey atmosphere.

Many of us have had the experience of inviting our friends over to our house for a celebration. Often times it could be very stressful, right? We all want to prepare a perfect event so that our guests feel welcomed and have a great time. Similarly, preparing your restaurant for the customers is exactly the same.

Treat your visitors like your closest friends and relatives who came over to your house. Pay attention to them accordingly, and they would want to visit you over and over.

The same principles also apply in other service businesses and stores, with some minor adjustments to fit their own specific characteristics.

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I would like to add that hospitality  has altruistic motivation and its purpose is to invest own resources in order to make happy the visitors/ clients. I believe that people who have such motivation can become succesful bussinesmen and help society to become healthier by using principle of giving first rather than receiving profit.

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