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I have a small cafe in Zurich, how can I increase the traffic of customers?


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Step 1. Explore the keywords.
Terms or phrases by which customers are looking for you

Step 2. further study related topics analyze customer interests.
Are vegetarian diets popular?
Do people eat gazpacho and are they interested in its recipes? So you will more precisely pick up keywords on interests of clients. This should be done at least once a year in the optimization frame

Step 3. finding out the key words
check how your site is connected to them in the search, that is, which of these phrases cause the appearance of your site?
These data will help to understand what results and what does not
If the popular phrase "fresh vegetables" does not direct people to your site, consider this in terms of its search engine optimization.

Step 4. Think about how they can be eliminated?
Perhaps your site does not indicate that you regularly deliver seasonal products

Step 5. Are there any links to your site.
Ask the authors of culinary blogs to rate your farm and perhaps recall it in their next publications.

Step 6. Make a list of the plan for improving search engine optimization.

Step 7. If you have a list of tasks, let's look at the priorities.
Add a section about eco-friendly products to your site but this is an additional cost for the programmer. In the meantime, you can write a short article on the blog.

Step 8. Assign the time of the assignment to gradually complete the optimization plan throughout the year.

Step 9 adjust and update your plan.
When new products appear or when you work on your site, as search engines constantly update their search algorithms. For example, a lot of news related to the increase in the number of smartphones.

Step 10 Check if there are pages that are rarely visited by a search?
Upgrade them!

Step 11 If your turn comes but does not buy anything you need other CALLS TO ACTION

Step 12. Monitor results and focus on weak points.

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Creating a search engine optimization plan involves six steps.

First, to research keywords and identify related topics. So he will find out what people are looking for on the Internet.

Then has to check where his website appears in the search results for the relevant keywords. If certain keywords do not drive traffic to site, should plan how to eliminate such gaps and improve the effectiveness of search engine optimization.

After that, you need to set deadlines for each task for the whole year, then evaluate the results and adjust the plan if necessary.

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