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Which credit card payment systems does Loyverse support?

London cofee
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Recently Loyverse made integration with Sumup and iZettle for Europe, that is so cool.
I'm just wondering which of them is better regarding commissions and other conditions?

If you are interested to know how Loyverse works with iZettle, you can find it here.
And about Loyverse' integration with SumUp - you can find here.

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But it's not appllied to andriod tab users. Even iZettle is not operating in entire Europe, for example belgium capital -Brussels. Waiting for that day.
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Some more payment types have been added for now. It can be checked in the part "Payments" of the help.

SumUp  - Available in USA, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Rep., Hungary, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain.

iZettle (for iOS only) - Available in Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands.

Worldpay - Available in USA only.

CardConnect - Available in USA only.

Tyro (for iOS only) - Available in Australia only.

PAYGATE - Available in Japan only.

Coiney (for iOS only) - Available in Japan only.

NICE정보통신 (for iOS only) - Available in Korea only.

Yoco (for iOS only) - Available in South Africa only.


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Does loyverse have any other compatible card reader other than sumup coz sumup is way too expensive for long run in Belgium(Brussels). 

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I would be interested to hear if you planned on adding PagoMovil to the list of payment types.. (very similar to Sumup).

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