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What is Restaurant Week?


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Restaurant Week is a popular restaurant promotion in the US. During this time, restaurants offer prix fixe lunches and dinners at a fixed price that are lower than usual. Typically, this promotion runs for a week. Classical restaurant weeks are held twice a year, once in the winter (January/February) and once in the summer (June/July).

Restaurant Week is most popular in New York City, where it was invented (in 1992).


What are the Restaurant Week’s pros

The greatest benefit for restaurants is a higher number of visitors, and revenue increases more than 40% in some places. Some restaurants use this promotion to earn a good reputation and increase customer loyalty.

Generally, the Restaurant Week promotion is organized by city administrations to showcase their area and for tourism increase, since it is a good advertisement for the location. It is good not only for the restaurant industry but also for other linked businesses such as hotels, tourist services, retail stores, etc. Generally, all restaurants in this area participate in this promotion.

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