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What kind of business is good for a poor society?


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Ussualy a poor society appear as a result of people's ideas. For exemple these people may think that you cannot start a business if you don't have enough money, you cannot start a business because is not sure how it will work, is better to be a simple employee or to be state employee (birocracy, educational system, sanitary system ect.) The last one is even better cause this is STABLE work and you will surely have each month a salary. 

In our days is possible to start a business even you don't have money. The most important is the idea and how you do to meet the people's needs. If you live in a turistic city you can make handmade staffs and propose to shops which are selling these things, in a city where are a lot of univesities mentoring is quite popular, freelancing, consulting ect. 

Food and clothes are basic needs for everyone, so grocery stores and second hands shops are popular in poor societies as well.

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