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What's the secret to a successful coffee shop?


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Don't sale just coffee. Coffee sales alone are not enough to pay the bills. Therefore, encourage your customers to buy more. Make sure you have enough cakes, muffins, cold food, etc, to accompany your coffee, a variety of products to offer. The goal is to increase the number of purchases per client, but you need to wisely choose what you are going to sell, if you make a bad decision or you have too much of one product that is not selling, it will end up in losses.
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Customers prefer to ask you what is the best choice, they are usually not food experts that can judge between many products. Make it easy for them and don't give too many options or they will get lost, and also create your pre-made combinations of food and drinks to help them order. Customers are looking for a good coffe or drink and for something to eat, not complicated things, your mission is to deliver it to them.
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Listen carefullly because I'm gonna hand you the secrets to build a successful specialty coffee shop:

  1. Use your product (coffee) to wow your customers.
  2. Create systems that ensure quality consistency
  3. And market yourself to position yourself and increase sales.

Make sure your customers remember the first sip of that amazing espresso you preper specially for them.

Systems that ensure you always prepare your espressos with the same quality. Get the right product, your equipment, espresso recipe, method of preparation...

And tell stories about your coffee. Every specialty coffee has its own story, and people like to hear great stories! Talk about the producer, its origin, the quality, about how SPECIAL and RARE is your coffee, that it's LIMITED and that they can only enjoy it at this precise moment!

But of course never lie to your customer! Here you have. The secrets for a successful coffe shop, for those who offer specialty coffee, now is your turn to use them wisely.

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