Stock take ability

First time I am taking a proper look at this system and so far very impressed. I have been testing it on our Apple tablets and Android tables with all kinds of scanners and receipt printers and so far... so good! Anyone who runs a shop/store/Concession and deals with stock understands that sometimes your stock can be out by X amount for various reasons. Is there a report in the system that will allow you to see a list of all your current Stock available at different locations. Printing this via a "Stock Count Sheet" would be incredibly useful when doing Monthly or Annual Stock takes.

How do I compare physical count versus stock in the system and save report?
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This feature already realized in the Advanced inventory system add-on in the Back Office. You can try to use 'Inventory count' and 'Stock Adjustments' features. I hope this add-on will help you to solve many tasks.

At the Loyverse back office you can export your current item list to get a csv file with all your inventory data. There you can find the stock levels recorded at the system which you can compare with the physical count.

"Export" button to download item list data base at Loyverse back office

And another method is by using Loyverse Dashboard. This way you can easily access to your inventory levels from your smartphone or tablet: uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok