Sending single order to Kitchen printer in Loyverse POS

Hi there, We have an issue that we want to print single ordered item to the kitchen printer (without the need to work round to have every single item in a category) We have three chefs who make different dishes & only one printer. When we use an open ticket to send an order, all items are printed onto the paper before the printer cut it. So our chef does not have their own ticket & also the printout cannot be attached to the order item for delivering to the guest. We were suggested to use category & kitchen group so that the printer will print individual item from the open ticket. But this method destroys the future analysis using category to group item. Also clumsy to setup. We can also save every single item to open ticket while the guest is ordering, purely to get the printer to cut the paper. Again, this is very clumsy for the ordering staff. Is there any way to do what we want in Loyverse? I think we just don't know how to use or setup Loyverse. Help desk suggested that the community may have ideas that they do not know in term of operation. Thanks in advance

I ever use Micros POS, It can set how many copies of a kitchen printer to print an order. It can config Cold kitchen 2 copies print, European kitchen 3 copies print, Thai kitchen 1 copies print or you can choose 1 copies for all kitchen but you put 2 copies paper or 3 copies paper for some kitchen printers.
This is a very interesting case, just a thought though, if Loyverse could make it so you can print 3 times the order to the kitchen so each chef can do his part, would that be a suitable solution for you? If so it might be easier for them to program this in the app than to create a whole new set of options. Also, though I never used printer for kitchen, I can see that if you put a name for your receipt, it does print out at the bottom of the ticket sent to the kitchen as shown in the example in this page: you can read "table1" at the bottom of the ticket. The other option would be to get a cheap Android tablet and use it as a kitchen display, this way you can see all the orders at glance along with the name on the ticket EX: Table 1 so your chefs knows which table this orders belongs to. You can see how it works here:
Thanks for the feedback and it would be interesting to know if there is other cases when it's needed to print every single item of an order or ticket separately.
Hi! A good case you have! I would suggest you use 2 more tablets for Kitchen Display. So each chef will have the possibility to see orders ( I mean 1 printer and 2 Kitchen Displays). Each order will be seen on the Kitchen Displays and printed on the Kitchen Printer. So each chef will see the whole order and can choose the part he cooks. Could such suggestion be helpful to you? uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok