Is there a way to disable "Open Cash drawer" button?

I'd like to be able to do this to limit the posibility of theft. 

The only reason i can think of to have the button is for

Cash drawer checks and end of day. Both of which are done by management/supervisors.



You need to disable 'Open cash drawer without making a sale' checkbox for Cashier access group:

1. Go to Backoffice --> Employees --> Access rights

2. Select group in which you need to disable this right.

3. Disable the 'Open cash drawer without making a sale' checkbox.

'Open cash drawer without making a sale' checkbox

You cant disable if you only use the Owner as the employee though. If you want to disable it then you need to pay for an employee to be added right? Would be good business practice to allow one owner and one employee free of charge to help protect our businesses from fraud.
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