How to make the USB Printer Star TSP100 work on Phoenix OS?

I've been trying out Loyverse for a few days now, and I must say this is the best and easiest POS to use ever, I love it!

Due to our really low budget, we're unable to buy a new printer, we're planning to use our laptop to use Loyverse on, I've installed Phoenix OS on it, and Loyverse works great!

There is, however, 1 problem that I've encountered, the printer that has been given to us for free doesn't work, the printer model is Star TSP100 using USB interface. 

I've tried running a test print on all the USB shown in the picture, but it just won't print, the printer works on text editor outside of Loyverse app. 

Would you please help me resolve this problem? I'd greatly appreciate it!



We haven't tested Loyverse in the Phoenix OS so it's very hard to provide support in this matter. This is the case for all android emulators, we can't ensure that the app will perform correctly in every situation in such platforms.

The best would be to have the answer of someone with experience using Loyverse in the same emulator. 

But regarding this topic, there is another emulator called Remix OS, and some users were succesful conecting a usb printer with it, you can check this other thread:

You may try to install Loyverse POS on Remix OS.

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