How to Hide product cost in your POS shop?

Firstly I just downloaded the app a few days ago, it will be first time to use a POS, and I have just started last night trying it out. 

My concern is so that my employees won’t see/know the cost of our products, want to keep it confidential; but I need the cost in the back office and advance inventory. Hope you guys can help me out.

Thanks in advance!


First, you need to create an employee (read How to Add an Employee in Loyverse POS)

And second, you need to set needed rights for your employee group (read How to Manage Access Rights of Employees).

If you want your employee can't see product cost, you need to disable 'Edit items' checkbox.

Employee access rights setup

Follow up query, upon doing this it did resolve my problem. But now another problem came up as a result, by disabling their rights now the POS with the employee access can’t see how much items they have in stock. I need the employees to see all their inventory in stock and how many they have in stock, with out them seeing the cost of product. Hope you can help. Thanks
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