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The club for those who know and do not know about M&A in retail. Not every small business owner is thinking about M&A at the beginning of its journey as an entrepreneur. However, we believe, that it's important to think, learn, share & prepare for M&A from the very beginning. This club is for a wide range of participants: Loyverse users, SME entrepreneurs, M&A experts, investors, franchise consultants, and service providers.


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  2. The vertical and horizontal M&A can be quite confusing. Please explain briefly their differences.
  3. There are many reasons why a business would acquire or merge with another business. The most common factor is for the growth and expansion of the business. A merger may give the buying company a chance to grow its market share. Merging and acquiring a business can also significantly reduce the costs of developing business activities in terms of operational, technical and administrative matters. This will add leverage to the company’s growth and sustainability. The acquisition can also increase the supply-chain pricing power. The larger the company is, the lesser the interest in raw materials for the products. Aside from that, such M&A business restructuring is one way to eliminate possible competitors of the business. Buying out a company or merging with another can be a good investment when it comes to accomplishing one company’s long-term goals. See my full article on M&A on this link:
  4. I am a small business owner and I was made aware over the past months of the rising trend of small to medium-sized businesses getting into M&A. I thought M&A was only for big companies. What are the benefits of this kind of agreement and what is the reason companies acquire other companies?
  5. How right M&A strategy can help retail SME to win during 2020 crisis?
  6. M&A means Merger & Acquisition. Retail M&A - Mergers & Acquisition in Retail sector.
  7. Many small business owners are doing business in order to survive, or as their exit plan for retirement. In a daily survival game, or in a business that keeps people busy, often the very sence of business is getting lost. I believe that the ultimate goal of the small business is to create a value through it's products and/or services, and finally become value as a business for more bigger organization. This is what often is not discovered by smb founders. And this is something, what is necessary to improve. Because, it could provide and eye opening opportunity. Even if you as an smb owner are not planning to make an exit - it is still preferable to develop your business with value creation ready for M&A.
  8. What is best to know for every stage: for the newly start small business owner? and for the small business owner who already have a big experience in running his own business for many years?

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