Can you change the payment type on a ticket after closing the ticket? Credit Card to Cash


Alas, you can't change the payment type of the ticket after it's closing (finishing).

You can make the refund and repeat the same sale with another payment type.

Maybe there is good reason for not being able to change payment type after closing a ticket, especially after a shift has been closed and the cash-up has been done. However with our business the wrong payment type is used several times per day. This is presents a problem with balancing our cash when closing a shift as well as declaring our daily cash sales. This occurs where cash is erroneously selected instead of a card or visa versa. We use YOCO credit card facility which unfortunately is not integrated with Loyverse. I agree a refund seems the only way to do but is a little difficult to get our employees to do this and most times they are not even aware that the wrong payment time was used. Our business only picks this up when our credit card transaction report comes through. We do an external daily cash adjustment using this info to declare our cash sales for our financial system (Xero) . It would be nice if there was a better around this.
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