Can I change the items order on the POS screen?

It seems that the Items are displayed alphabetically on the POS screen. Can I change their order of display, e.g. drinks, then food items?
Currently, I can see it is arranged alphabetically. Sometimes we need to group items according to specific criteria such as similarity. For example, you need Small, Medium, Large. If it is arranged alphabetically it will be Large, Medium, Small.
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You can add several screens with custom items order, and move the most popular items upper.

Read more in help article How to Arrange Sale Screen in Loyverse POS

I place a two digit decimal in front of each item name. E.g. 0.0 Coffee 0.1 Tea 1.0 Hot Dog 1.2 Hamburger.  If I ever have to insert a product between two others I simply use a decimal number that is in between the current numbers of the two items.  E.g.  If I want to place "Sandwich" between Hot Dog and Hamburger - I enter "1.1 Sandwich".  

Hi, I had the same issue with my coffee small, medium, large. Large was allway first. I figured if I type in e.g Flat White 5xspace and then "small", next entry Flat White 4xspace "medium", Flat White 3xspace "large", it will come up in order small, medium, large
Ideally you want to have "Nested" Categories.. This is something that should be available hopefully. Parent>Child>Grand Child relationship.
It's not possible to rearrange the items in the POS screen. However, we are aware that many of our user would like to be able to custom their sales screen, and the Loyverse team is already working in a future update to make it possible. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok