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The Best Pizzeria in Palestine: Loyverse Entrepreneurs from Nothing to Success



An IT worker and an engineer revert to a new life starting from nothing using Loyverse pizza POS to create what has become well known, even among Italians, as the best Pizza shop in Palestine.

Adham and Basil, who previously had little to do with the food industry, took the opportunity to open their own pizzería, Il Forno embarking on what would become their new passion. 

Their story is one of committed friends following innate entrepreneurial instincts and natural taste buds to conquer a place in the hearts of their neighbours. Just a few shared minutes were enough for us to sense their positive vibe and grasp that the true success of their restaurant comes from their sincerity.

We're happy to have them on board using Loyverse POS for their Pizzeria. Watch the full video to hear the whole story!



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