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New Feature: Dark Theme



The background of the app should match the user’s environment. Up until now, the Loyverse POS app had only one background setting – the light interface. Such a theme is very suitable for use in the daytime and bright environment. However, a significant amount of our users work in a dark environment or during the night, for example, in cafes or bars. To satisfy the needs of such users and make their experience with Loyverse POS much better, we have decided to add the dark theme at the POS. This allows a low contrast between the screen and the user’s environment, which reduces the amount of undesired screen glare.

You can switch on “Use dark theme” option in the Settings of the POS app.


The Loyverse POS app remembers this setting locally on the device so that the dark theme option will remain even after exiting the application and re-entering it.

This feature is currently available for iOS users and will be available for Android users later.



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