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The new look of the Loyverse.com website



We hope you like our newly redesigned homepage on loyverse.com

In addition to more modern page design, loyverse.com has renewed its structure and content to suit visitors' needs. There are the most popular sections at the top of the page: Features present all different features of Loyverse, Hardware lists printers, scanners, cash drawers, etc. that work with Loyverse, 

The Products menu presents details about each Loyverse product, its specifics, and features. It contains an overview of Loyverse POS, Back Office, Dashboard, Kitchen Display, Customer Display, Employee Management, Multi-store Management, Advanced Inventory

There are also industries menu describing features vital to use Loyverse in small businesses, retail, restaurants, cafés, boutiques, and bars

The new website also has a marketplace of integration apps with popular services for merchants. 

There are also many other pages that we hope that our users will like. For instance, Payment systems page contain all integrated card processing terminals and the country of their operation.

As before, loyverse.com offers the content in 17 different languages, users from other parts of the world get comprehensive information about the product. Loyverse.com has a 'responsive' design that displays the same content on the same web page regardless of whether users visit from a desktop computer, tablet device, or smartphone.




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