Bar printer with cash till to also print orders

Hi I have a receipt printer setup with a cash till. I also want to use the same printer to print orders at the bar but when I do it keeps releasing the cash draw is there anyway around this?


Assuming you only use 1 cash drawer on the printer, you could set up the bar printer as an “other model” printer and then use the advanced tab to change the advanced codes with “drawer 2” defined as the cash drawer so the unused drawer is triggered  - from memory, the middle “00” in the drawer command would need setting to “01” - google will confirm!

Just to let you know this worked for me thanks

I have a Star MC-Print3 printer and to get it to work I used the default drawer ESC/POS command and used the following Cutter ESC/POS commands


I also had to change the print mode to Text
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Thanks for your help I'll give it a try.
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