Android & IOS users - trying to connect a mobile bluetooth printer

Ref: connecting a mobile bluetooth printer in the Loyverse app.

  • In the Android version of the Loyverse app one can select an "Other" printer and "Bluetooth" connection. The printer works connected to Android devices. I need this functionality to be operational in the IOS version of the Loyverse app.
  • In the IOS app (v10 user) we are not getting similar and flexible printer options for an Other/Bluetooth printer in the Loyverse app. The printer connects to the v10 IOS device and prints. But, the Loyverse app will not connect to the printer.

Am I missing something and not seeing the Other/Printer options for IOS?


According to Loyverse POS manuals:

"These are general requirements for a receipt printer to be compatible with Loyverse POS on iOS devices:

    support ESC/POS protocol;
    have Ethernet or Bluetooth (only recomended models) interface."

For iOS devices you can't connect other bluetooth printers, only the recommended ones. You can find more here: uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok