When will Shift Report be complete?

The shift report does not account for Credit Card sales. Nothing in Loyverse tracks Gift Card as a tender The shift report needs these elements to be effective.


Yes, Shift management reports only record cash payments, good enough for the cash accounting at the end of the day.

But in the back office you can see a full report about card payments as well, in the "Sales by payment type" report. This should help you to manage credit card sales.

And you can actually create your own payment types, you could add a "Gift Card" payment method, and track gift cards as a tender. Again, you could follow the reports in the "Sales by payment type" section in the back office.

More about how to create a payment type here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/configuring-payment-types-loyverse

Shift report is tied to a register not the employee. How would you see this? Should it also have a filter by employee?

Also, if sales by payment type report in back office would have a filter by POS in addition to filter by employee - would it solve the problem?
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Alex, there are several different capabilities mentioned in this thread:

1) A closing report with just cash is wholly and completely useless. ALL tenders must be included - Cash, credit card, on account, gift cards.

2) If you ever want to sell a system to a traditional full service restaurant, there must be a way to treat an employee ( waiter / waitress) as if they were their own store. Each person who initiates a transaction should have a closing report identical to the report described in #1 in my comment.

3) the same is true of a multi-terminal retail or quickservice environment. As an owner, I need to know EVERYTHING which went into that cash drawer, not just cash.

3a) This also includes returns. If I have a 2 or 3 cashier retail store, I need to be able to address returns, since that takes money out of the drawer or credit card sales out of the daily batch. It would be a little difficult, and a lot silly, to have to figure out what register the sale was on initially, then tell the customer to walk all the way across the store to another cashier, just to return an item.
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I understand the main use of shift report as to balance cash drawer on a regular basis. This report includes opening/closing drawer amounts, drawer overages/shortages, and other related events affecting cash.

The other more detailed sales reports like sales summary with all tenders could be included in a POS and printed on a printer but why not to stick the same logic as it is in a back office? It could be a sales report that allows you to select a date range, time of the day, filter by employee, POS. So you can see report for the whole store or drill down to any details you need. Seems it should cover the use case?
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