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Sell items by kilograms?


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I need to sell meat by 150g, 300g, etc., but my stock is accounted in kilos so what I need is that whenever I sell 150g of meat, it is deducted from the kilos that I have in stock. I could create an item for each option: 150g, 300g, 500g, and 1kg, but I still don´t know how to make the inventory work correctly.

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to do this, you can use the composite option for your item. First, you create an item called something like “Meat 1kg”. Note that you need to select the option “sold by Weight” and put the price and the cost for 1kg. You activate the option “track stock” and introduce the amount of meat that you have in your inventory.

After doing this, you have two options:

1)      When you sell 150g of meat, on the sale page, you sell 0,150 of “Meat 1kg”

2)      You could create an item called “Meat 150g”, activate the option called “composite item” and put it as an ingredient for the item “Meat 1kg” with the amount of 0,150. This way, any time you sell Meat 150kg, it will be deducted from Meat 1kg.

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