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My issue is addressed to Loyverse support in particular and to all.


Item soda 0.5l to sell. but in general I do not sell by unit, I rather sell the item by pack of 6 or 12 units

I can not create an item and call it soda pack6 or soda pack12 because the clients want to see in their receipt the unit price of soda 0.5l and not the the price of the pack. so right now I am selling the item by using the unit of soda 0.5l and its corrsponding price.

soda 0.5l x 60 x 0.5 euro this means I sold 5 packs (12 units for each pack).

It would be better if we have an option of sold by "pack" or "box"




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What I can suggest for you about this is that you can utilize the Composite item feature. Composite Item feature allows users to be able to create items that consists of others items as its stock. Using your example above, we can create 2 items and name it as "Soda 0.5l" and "Soda unit" respectively. Soda 0.5l will be your composite item. You can create and then enable the feature "Composite Item" in its item card. image.thumb.png.fe067c970dbda8c53442361c7c9d4685.png

Next, we will also create another new item and this will be your Soda unit to which you can take the stocks from when selling Soda 0.5l. Now, with this set up, you can now sell Soda 0.5l to your customers and let them see this name of item in their receipt but will deduct the stocks of this particular item as 6 units.



You can check out more information on how our Composite Item feature works: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-composite-item

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Hi Shinji

I alrady used this feature and i know that in practice it works but as i stated above, it does show the price by pack (total price of 6 soda 0.5 units) which is something I want to avoid in my final receipts.

This why I suggested that we should have extra options on the "Sold by" feature on the items.



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