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Found 9 results

  1. Fothee

    TAX and dining options

    Hello there Loyverse Lovers, i have search for over one week now to setup my taxes in Loyverse. i'm not the smartest person and Belgium is not the best about taxes. Is there a tutorial that explain it for me from the beginning please? Add an item and setup the VAT and then the dining options please. Can someone please give me a movie from that please? info@fothee.be
  2. In our retail shop we are used to choose a selling price including VAT, but a purchase (Cost) price without VAT. Is this possible in Loyverse?    When we set the Taxes to "Added to the price", we have to enter selling and purchase price both without VAT. The margin calculation is correct, but is not practical because we want to have rounded selling prices. When we set the Taxes to "Included in the price", we have to enter selling and purchase price both including VAT. The margin calculation is still correct, but this is not practical because our suppliers give the prices without VAT. 
  3. Hello, My accountant has asked me to produce a report where the sales are shown as before tax, tax percentage, total sale. Since my catalogue is configured to have the tax included in the articles when I generate the report Gross and Net profit are the same amount, is there any way of showing the price of the sales and articles before the tax is applied? this is a major feature for VAT liable business. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. Javier
  4. hughatthepub

    Different VAT Rates

    I need to allocate different VAT rates for different items, i.e. Alcoholic drinks need a VAT rate of 20%, Food and soft drinks and teas coffees etc need to be 5% VAT. How can I achieve this in Loyverse please?
  5. NewStore

    VAT on Purchase Order

    Some of the items that we buy from the supplier has VAT (added separately). But in the advance inventory management, there is no field to input the VAT. Is there some way we can input this field? We cannot simply add the VAT to the cost as we need to pay the government the VAT difference so this field has to be separatd.
  6. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding Loyverse POS. We have a restaurant and we just opened a food shop next to it. In the shop, we sell products with different VAT (we are based in Italy and we have products with 4, 10, 22%). I was able to set up all the VAT rates for the different products and it works great. We have the fiscal checkout machine required by the local laws and I wish it was a compatible model, but it seems it is not. That being said, I would like to use Loyverse to manage our stock level and help us track the sales of the different categories of products based on the VAT and to help the cashier in the checkout process. At this time, our cashier must digit on the checkout machine the value of the goods and the corresponding VAT rate. For example: if a customer buys 1kg of apples at €3.00, 2 kg of beef at 12€, 1 bottle of wise at 7€, 3kg of oranges at 4€ the casher must digit: 3.00+4% button 12.00+10% button 7.00+22% button 4.00+4% button (again). It would be great if Loyverse could help me to get around this. Ideally, I would like to use Loyvers to input all the goods bought by the customer and then have a report the total value of the goods divided by the VAT rate, so that the cashier can input the totals and hit the VAT rate only once. Please see the attached picture to understand what I need. Does this make sense to you and has anybody worked out a way to do something like this?
  7. Is anyone having the same issue? I add exceptions (delivery and takeout) for VAT in Backoffice but it doesn't work. It keeps applying VAT for all dinning options, including delivery and takeout. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  8. nearly all EU countries have different VAT rates -standard, reduced, zero, and sometimes more- for different types of goods en services all businesses and shopkeepers have to deal with that because they sell different types of goods; for instance beer (alcohol) is standard rate but the pizza (food) is reduced rate a POS system with only one tax rate in the EU is pretty useless is there a solution?

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