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Found 12 results

  1. I put order in, receipts has went in and I can see them from my mobile devices (3 of them) But I do not see the receipts on the computer (web) It never happened to us before, do not know why. What I tried: - Sync devices - Log out and log in for all devices - email receipt to see if that makes it show up (but did't work) Please help.
  2. What is the purpose of the Synchronize button if a wifi network is available? Does the Operator need to synchronize manually and when?
  3. hi, i have 2 question 1. why the receipts can't auto sync after payment? can it set automatic sync after do payment? at this moment i must press new sales button, than the receipts can be sync 2 . is any way to change my order number ?? tq
  4. I have been trying out Loyverse premium for a few days now. I currently use 3 POS devices, one iPad and 2 iPad Minis. I have found that in spite of being connected to the same Wifi network, Loyverse does not sync open tickets across all devices - in spite of having the "Manage open tickets across all devices" option turned on in the back office. This is a pretty breaking situation for me, and I presume it would be the case for most restaurants and establishments which use multiple POS devices. Is there a reason why it does not sync?
  5. There are lots of ways to uniquely identify open orders across different devices, automatically or manually!! Why not sync them across all the devices then? At present, I have lots of troubles if the customer adds/update his order then I need to find the right device and then only make changes. Same chaos happens at the time of billing, I need to find the right device and only then I can generate the bill. It's not really agile in an agile world. I need to book customers with their representatives only. If the person who took the order has his shift over then he can't leave because he will take away the open order with him. You can also track who add/update the order by adding a subscript for the modifier - if this what you think is a challenge. In short, it's not a big change but it makes the application use the cloud capabilities little better.
  6. I have changed the header to display my VAT No, in the back office. However, it continues to show my original setting on my receipts, no matter how many times I save the new setting. Any help would be much appreciated! Many thanks.
  7. How do Loyverse POS work offline?
  8. Will Tablet 1 and Tablet 2 still sync the Open Tickets, when network has no internet?
  9. James Lavud

    How to copy items to another device?

    My device is broken, how do I copy items to another device?
  10. If I connect my device to the internet, does it sync automatically or do I need to click something?
  11. LepusSeafood

    Variants Keep Re-Appearing

    Hi there, Just had a quick question regarding variants - we have multiple items which previously had 2-3 variants per item, however we have since deleted the variants so that there is only 1 per item remaining. Periodically however we've noticed that those 2-3 multiple variants keep re-appearing on the App, however the item variants in the web login appear correctly (ie only 1 variant per item). The items in the App also correct themselves to 1 variant after an export/import of the items list. Would there be any way to keep the items in the App correctly reflecting the single variant per item without having to export/import the items list each time? Thanks for any info on this!
  12. Hello, Please is it normal that open tickets disappears after syncronisation at the end of the day? (the terminal works without internet during the day). Thank you!

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