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Found 5 results

  1. Loyverse team met with Healthy Juice from Qatar, they have juice stalls which provide fresh juice, hot drinks, bubble tea and waffles. Lately they have participated in a 20 days festival in one of the stadiums where World Cup 2022 will be held. They hope to expand and have locations in all World Cup Stadiums in Qatar and to educate people on the benefits of Fruit Juice. How long have you been using Loyverse? We have been using it for a couple of years now, from around 2018. We found Loyverse by searching online and have been using it since the start of business, learned about it, added our items, and benefited from the daily and monthly reports since then. How is your business now with Covid’s situation? It is getting better, but 80% of our business now depends on online orders. However, there is an overall improvement. How is Loyverse helping your business? It helped us a lot. It is beneficial, and easy to use, especially for the staff and for myself as the owner. I am happy that we found Loyverse. Other available POS are expensive but Loyverse is affordable compared to all its features, especially for new SMBs. We are also using the clock in and clock out feature to follow up on employees. Is there any specific feature in Loyverse that helped you the most with your business? It is very easy to use, and categorizing items is also very easy. Do you have anything you would like to request the Loyverse team to add? For us, the system is complete. When we had suggestions, several times we sent it to the Loyverse team. And they implemented my requests/ They are very responsive to customer’s messages. I am very satisfied with Loyverse customer support. Any last words to the Loyverse team? Thank you very much; you are good with following up with customers and updating, speedy responses! Healthy Juice Instagram Healthy Juice Facebook
  2. Sai Wine LTD is a Cafe located in Ghana. They focus on providing unique wine experiences to their customers, such as wine and food pairing events, wine tasting events, and so on. We reached out to their representative, Theresah, for an interview. A meeting was set with Sai Wine LTD CEO, Nadia who shared about their experience using Loyverse. - Why and how did you start your business? For me, it was a spiritual calling to start the business. It was something that when I was on holiday, it got in my head that people knew about wine but didn't really know how to drink it or different types of grapes, the various tools, and the whole white wine experience. It just made sense as well to take people on that wine experience and a wine journey. So, that then prompted our business to open. Within Ghana, we are the only establishments that exist that do what we do. - What makes your business stand out from the other wine businesses in Ghana? The only other wine businesses in Ghana are wine shops, whereas you walk in and you go and buy wine at retail price, but we don't do that. People can buy wine from us, that's fine, but we also pair our wine with our food. We have wines with different grapes from both old and new world wine-producing countries. We host wine events. So we do wine tasting events, food and wine pairing, chocolate and wine pairing, and similar kinds of experiences here. And we allow people to have a bottle or have a glass. - Concerning the pandemic, how was last year for your business, and how did you overcome the challenges, if there were any that you encountered? Last year was actually a blessing for us. So, our five-year lease agreement had expired in April, and Ghana went into lock-down on March the 31st. We were locked down for two weeks. And so when the ban was lifted, we had then been able to move to our new location. And then we started renovating our space. In June, restaurants were allowed to open, to accept customers to come in and in July we actually reopened in our new location and it was just fantastic. It's a fantastic new location. We got much more Ghanaian patronage than we had in previous years and we've literally been moving from strength to strength since to be honest with you. - I noticed that you also have a website. Did you experience an increase in online orders from your website last year? No, but what we did experience is now people can really get a gist of what food we have and what our prices are. So we're definitely getting more website traffic now. Okay. - What is the philosophy behind your business? I believe one should never follow other people. Knowing what one’s vision and dreams are and focusing on making it happen is what is most important. Focusing on the competition is not important. Rather, focus on constantly building that vision and bringing it into real life. I don’t believe in getting things quickly, and everything takes time and effort to come to pass. - How did you find Loyverse? Just on Google, to be honest with you, because, I mean, there are other software companies that are here in Ghana, but not what we wanted, but what they do is that they tend to build the software for you. And we didn't want that. We wanted something that was going to be online, easy to download onto all of our devices, and then able to manage and remotely as well, or be able to see remotely. So, then we came across the Loyverse. We were using one system before, but it just didn't have the depth that we needed. But then when we came up as Loyverse, we realised that it had the capacity, especially with the different types of items that we have, it had the capacity to handle it for us. Plus, not only that, but it also had the employee management system, which helps us with our HR elements as well. So, yeah it just made sense. - Did you experience any difference in your processes, your reports...? Yeah. In terms of inventory management, it helps us a lot. And also in terms of us being able to know where we're making money, because of the element on the items where you're able to put the cost and then the price. So then that allows us to know where we're making money on certain items that really helps us a lot. And then inventory management as well. It helps us to give reports to our suppliers much easier as well. - What do you see Loyverse doing for your business in the future? Well, we're going to be opening more establishments of the same business. So we're looking forward to having each establishment report and being able just to look at basically a dashboard of how each location is performing. Sometimes the issue that we have is not necessarily through Loyverse, but rather the users not knowing how to update the system. Once we know the staff are better trained and more attentive to how to use the system, we know we will definitely get more usage or more value out of the app. - Thank you so much for taking the time out to have this brief interview with us. Do you have any words for Loyverse team? Yeah. That's well done and just keep it up!
  3. ベトナム料理レストラン コムサイゴン 東京都八王子市明神町 4-7-2内藤・落合ビル 3F JR八王子駅 北口徒歩3分 京王八王子駅 中央口徒歩1分 ランチ:11:30〜15:00 (L.O:14:30) ディナー:17:00〜23:00 (L.O:22:30) 電話番号:042-649-2966 ホームページ Instagram Twitter ー お店の紹介をお願いします ホーチミンの旧名であるサイゴンの時代の家庭料理や、伝統料理を提供しています。調理場のメンバーはベトナムの著名なホテルで20年以上はコックの経験を積んだ一流のシェフです。私自身は日本で6年間ある会社で飲食関係の仕事をさせていただいて、その後独立して独自に事業を展開しました。自分だけが通過した飲食の経験を生かしたいと思っていたところ、日本ではベトナム料理の流行があったので、この事業を始めました。 ー Loyverse POS を選んでいただいた理由は何でしょうか。 10月から消費税が変わるじゃないですか。それに対応できるシステムを導入した方がいいだろうと思い、色々調べてみました。一番気になるのは毎月の料金と初期費用ですね。 Loyverseは初期費用が安い。自分たちが持っているものをそのまま使用できることもあるので、魅力的ですよね。 機能は正直他社と大して変わらないと思います。今時のレジの機能は全部ついているのですが、他社と比べてコストがかからないので、使わせていただいております。 ー Lenovoタブレット/ソラコムSIMについて 軽くて、今使っているiPadの代わりとしても使えそうです。それにしても、導入しやすい価格かなと思います。軽いし、色もシックですね。ソラコムSIMを使って、Wi-Fi使ってみたんですが、支障なく、Wi-Fiよりも速度が早くて快適です。インターネットで毎月かかる料金も削れそうです。 ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― ミニチュアドール家具専門店 麗 URARA ホームページ Instagram ミニチュア家具と家具キットを販売しております。 イベント会場での販売の効率化、在庫管理の為POSレジを探しておりました。 初期導入のコストがかからず、なんといってもオフラインで使用できる事が最大のメリットでした。おかげさまで導入後はお客様の対応がスムースになり、売り上げも平均1.4倍になりました。 また在庫管理も楽になり、本当にloyverseを導入してよかったです。ゆくゆくはオンラインでも利用できる環境を整え、クレジット決済などもイベント会場で使用できるようにしたいと思います。 ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― うなぎの三河 愛知県豊田市羽布町鬼ノ平1番地16 TEL/FAX 0565-90-3473 営業時間 10:00~20:00 ホームページ Instagram Twitter Facebook うなぎの三河と店主 原田恵介さま ー Loyverse POS を選んでいただいた理由は何でしょうか?  無料で、売上の管理ができるア プリを探していたところ見つけました。自分でカスタムできる点が非常に良かったです。商品別の売上がわかるし、指定した時期ごとでもわかるので使いやすいです。  最初は、売上の管理のみでしたが、軽減税率対策のためレジとして使用をしています。レシートの印刷内容をもうちょっとカスタムできるといいなと思います。 <うな重> ー どういった経緯で現在このお店を経営していらっしゃるのでしょうか?  先代が昭和44年に創業し、私は2代目です。平成24年に先代が他界したので、そのあとを継ぎました。  飲食店とは畑違いの仕事をしていましたが、休みの日はお店を手伝っていたため、自然な流れで後を継ぎました。地域柄、猪や鹿が獲れるのでジビエ料理も取り扱っています。
  4. Grand City Buses is a company which is running 38 buses in Bangkok. The business owner, Mr.Siriwat, inherited his parent's business 20 years ago when he was 28 years old. So in total, they have been operating bus service for 40+ years. His son is also going to inherit the company. Mr.Siriwat put Safety as a company core value and keeps educating his employees to be professional drivers. Especially against the COVID-19 pandemic, he obligated all passengers to put on a mask and all drivers to sanitize the whole bus for each trip. When he was looking for a solution to give a ticket to his customer, he contacted ESS SYNTECH, and they recommended the Loyverse POS system working on the Sunmi device. After starting using Loyverse POS, Mr.Siriwat feels comfortable because now he does not need to be worried about employees stealing money. In order to give customers a ticket, employees must create a sale in Loyverse POS, and it is not possible to hide real sales. "Finally, Loyverse POS and Sunmi mobile POS terminal have been a great combination for us as a bus ticketing solution. We strongly recommend other similar businesses to try out the great combination."
  5. Batam Baguettes provides quality European bread made from Indonesian ingredients. James from the UK and Susie from Indonesia are married and are the founders of Batam Baguettes that provide European bread in Indonesia. - Could you introduce your business? We are a small cafe bakery in Batam that started in 2015 and now coming up to be six years. Our main product is hand-made bread. We are producing European bread from 95% Indonesian ingredients, including cheese, and now we have a 50% share of European bread in Indonesia. Because people step by step started to understand the importance of natural healthy food, we are becoming more famous. We have just one store, but we are looking to open another store. - Why did you start a business? In 2014, we decided to have a small family business. In Batam, Indonesia, it was difficult for foreigners like me to find good quality bread. The bread in Indonesia is sweet and there were a lot of foreigners who would like to have Siberia bread, etc. So I suggested to my wife that we open such a cafe because I had some experience in the restaurant in the UK, including making bread. Then, I started preparing pieces of equipment, such as an oven, mixers, and we started producing our own bread. It was not an easy journey, we had some ups and downs, but finally, we had a breakthrough after 2-3 years. If you search on Google, you will find that the Batam is famous for its good quality bread and service. - How did you go through the first two years? When I felt difficulties and said "It has not been working, let's give up", my wife said, "No, we have to try longer". And another year, my wife said "OK enough. Maybe we should give." and I said, "No, we just broke through. We have to continue." As we were a small family business, it has ups and downs, but we have rewards at least financially. We are not like a McDonald's, but we have now around 10 employees, the brand is known, and people know that we give good quality bread. - Why do you use Loyverse? We tried several systems before using Loyverse. We have been using Loyverse for 3 or 4 years now and we feel It’s very good. We can monitor sales, stock, and which item we are selling the most. We also use the premium feature of Employee Management to manage 10 staff, to enable them to log in to POS and check employee's records. Those records are also used to decide if we hire them or not. It is how we use Loyverse. We also use two Kitchen Display systems and a printer. They work very well. The kitchen orders come to the two different kitchens. We had another POS system before, but it was not as good as Loyverse. We couldn't get information from it as clearly as we can get from Loyverse. When I tried Loyverse, I realized that it is much easier for us to track sales by using the Dashboard app. The Dashboard app is installed on my phone and my wife’s, so even though I’m not here, I can keep track of the application. It's very good that I can monitor daily how the sales are going. I think Loyverse lets us concentrate on what we are doing, which is the bread and the service. We don't need to care so much about sales and keeping track of everything. It's very worth using Loyverse. Here is a Loyverse on the counter. Here, we have a kitchen display system for sandwiches. We have another KDS in the 2nd kitchen. - Do you have any words for new entrepreneurs? You have to be determined. Even when it gets tough, you have to keep it ongoing. Don't lose the track of "who you are" and "What you are". And your brand from the beginning is "Who you are". Maybe in 1-2 years, you would start to doubt yourself, but don't stop. keep going. Don't try to change who you are. And do your best. - Thank you so much.

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