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Found 6 results

  1. I am selling bubble tea. Everytime a customer orders a drink, i need the kitchen printer to print a sticker so that i can paste on the cup. May I know which printer can be used as kitchen label printer? Thank you!
  2. Hi there, We have an issue that we want to print single ordered item to the kitchen printer (without the need to work round to have every single item in a category) We have three chefs who make different dishes & only one printer. When we use an open ticket to send an order, all items are printed onto the paper before the printer cut it. So our chef does not have their own ticket & also the printout cannot be attached to the order item for delivering to the guest. We were suggested to use category & kitchen group so that the printer will print individual item from the open ticket. But this method destroys the future analysis using category to group item. Also clumsy to setup. We can also save every single item to open ticket while the guest is ordering, purely to get the printer to cut the paper. Again, this is very clumsy for the ordering staff. Is there any way to do what we want in Loyverse? I think we just don't know how to use or setup Loyverse. Help desk suggested that the community may have ideas that they do not know in term of operation. Thanks in advance
  3. gelatomixquito@hotmail.com

    The kitchen printer sometimes takes a long time to print orders

    Why does the kitchen printer sometimes print orders immediately, sometimes it takes a long time and sometimes (very few) do not print them?
  4. I'd like to print different tickets for my staff to prepare the orders the customer takes. I would take the order from a POS at the table and i need the order to be printed in the Bar and in the kitchen.
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