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Found 22 results

  1. Good day, Why cant generic bluetooth scanners work ? We have one store that we have been testing Loyverse on an android tablet for a few months and not we are looking at using some apple ipads we have. we got some about 10 generic scanners from netum . why can't we have to work with Loyverse ? the iPad connects to it via Bluetooth without issue.. please help
  2. Loyverse website says iOS 9 required. Bought a iPad with iOS 10. App Store says iOS 11 now required. Am I missing something? Can I get an earlier version of the app?
  3. How to connect ipad to epson printer and cash drawer
  4. How to connect the printer using Bluetooth on IOS
  5. With a KDS setup, can it be any iPad or tablet (even a refurbished one, thus making it less expensive than investing in newer ones), is there a minimum software requirement to have Loyverse KDS loaded up on it? thanks
  6. user_276280

    Orders double stacking on KDS

    Hi can any one help, on our KDS we have orders that sit on top of each other, it seems to be the last order on top of last order.. See photo
  7. I use an ios device (Apple Ipad) and have connected a Bluetooth ticket printer. That works fine. Now, I will integrate my sumup credit card device on my Loyverse, but this device is also connected with bluetooth with the ios device. Now is my question, can this works both toghter (bluetooth printer and Bluetooth credit card SumUp device) on my Loyverse device?(Apple Ipad) Thanks for helping!
  8. Ref: connecting a mobile bluetooth printer in the Loyverse app. In the Android version of the Loyverse app one can select an "Other" printer and "Bluetooth" connection. The printer works connected to Android devices. I need this functionality to be operational in the IOS version of the Loyverse app. In the IOS app (v10 user) we are not getting similar and flexible printer options for an Other/Bluetooth printer in the Loyverse app. The printer connects to the v10 IOS device and prints. But, the Loyverse app will not connect to the printer. Am I missing something and not seeing the Other/Printer options for IOS?
  9. Hey Everyone, I have been running Loyverse on my Ipad 4, IOS 10.3.3 for over a year now with no problems. However, we had a break due to Covid-19 and after re-opening the Ethernet printer keeps disconnecting periodically throughout the day. This is easily resolved by restarting the printer however it can cause a hold up with customers. Any idea why this is happening? Im using a Generic Chinese Ethernet Printer? Many Thanks Dan
  10. Hi guys, do guys experience what I have experienced? I've got an Epson Tm-m30 ethernet printer and it connect with my ipad loyverse fine. It connects to printer for about a good 30mins. It prints out fine for about 30mins then display Printer Error. Whenever I leave the ipad alone for about 30mins, it will display this message until I kill the App from the background then it works fine for about another 30mins. I don't know why. I have tried to restart ipad, restart modem and delete loyverse app then reinstall it again. The printer show no error sign or anything. The internet works the entire time with no issue with internet at all. I don't know why it does that. If anyone know how to fix it please tell me. Thanks
  11. Riceandwheat

    Add a printer

    Is it possible to add a new printer to your acceptable list. phomemo model M02 FCC ID: 2ASRB-QY-M02 for IOS thank you
  12. Please help! I’ve tried everything to connect my pos(on IOS) with a older ipad As kitchen display. I did make the ip address on the kitchen display ipad static but it still is not connecting. Any other suggestions?
  13. When I want to connect Loyverse on my IPad to the Sumup bluetooth Terminal I get the request to enable microphone in the privacy settings of the IPad. But then Loyverse does not appear in the microphone-settings. 1. Why is the microphone required? 2. How can I circumvent the problem?
  14. Please share what printer you are using with IOS (iPad/iPhone), and which one is better?
  15. Samanta

    Loyverse POS iOS Hardware

    Just wondering if anyone uses Loyverse POS for iOS with hardware other than the items listed on their website?
  16. Hi there, I'v got two Android POS -systems and one IPad whitch i want use as a kitchenscreen. But when I want to connect the POS to the IPad the android can't find my IPad even when I give the IP-adress manualy. When I connect to the KDS on anther android tablet it works fine. Everything is on the same wifi-network and the same account. Anyone there how can solve this problem ?? Thank is advance Arjan Smit (The Netherlands)
  17. Hi there, is it possible to connect a single cash drawer to two iPads for my POS? I don't really want two drawers but we need two POS positions, they are within 2mt of each other. thanks
  18. kj1206

    Ipad 12.9 hardware help

    hi I want to invest in hardware kit I am thinking 1 ,Ipad pro 12.9 2nd or 3rd Gen ( For POS) 2. Ipad as customer display For printer can I use Star mC-Print3™ As for drawer do I need to star cash drawer or APG cash drawer? Please advise extract make and model number which works with Star mC-Print3™ and Ipad As well which barcode scanner will work USB one will work? Please advise extract make and model number I have seen hardware page https://loyverse.com/hardware but it only shows SocketScan Bluetooth scanners for Ipad which are the worst ones going by reviews on internet. Can someone confirm USB barcode scanner can work with iPad since receipt printer has functionality with up to 5 interfaces including Star CloudPRNT as well as hub functionality, controlling select USB peripherals attached to the printer including cash drawer, scanner and kitchen buzzer. I have also thought of plan b in case Ipad option does not work Instead getting Ipads I get Lenovo - Yoga C630 2-in-1 15.6" Touch-Screen Chromebook for pos https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-yoga-c630-2-in-1-15-6-touch-screen-chromebook-intel-core-i5-8gb-memory-128gb-emmc-flash-memory-midnight-blue/6295998.p?skuId=6295998 For printer Star mC-Print3™ and Usb cash drawer Usb barcode scanner will work with it? I will need to know that can I setup customer display by getting a android tablet will it work with Chromebook as a customer display? Thankyou
  19. Can I use iPad for the front POS and use Android for the Kitchen display system?
  20. I have a bluetooth printer that cannot be connected on iOS. I can only think of 2 solutions. First is to connect the printer directly to iPad via OTG cable. Second is to connect USB printer to AirPrint server and point iPad to it. Can anyone advise on this? I really need help on this!! :(
  21. Im having trouble connecting my Star TSP143IIIBI (Bluetooth printer) to the Loyverse iOS app, I am able to use it on any other app on my iPad and it works when I use it on the android app aswell, is it just not compatible with the app or am I doing something wrong?
  22. Hello, The printer: STAR - TSP143IIIU is listed as iOS compatible. I would like to order it, but all the sales sites offer it in USB-Lightning, however the new iPad Pro have a USB-C connection and no longer lightning. If I connect it with a USB to USB-C cable the printer will work? Thank you in advance.

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